Artist Statement

GerminationI found art as a refuge from this unpredictable and challenging world.  For that reason, in my art I am looking toward the brightest and happiest side of life.  In the process, I try to bring and reflect pieces of hope and glee in the form of colorful abstraction.  Contrary to the real world, in the world of abstraction, I can portray pleasure and delight in infinite forms and shapes where I have total freedom and the limit is my imagination and time.

Imagine a world with only one type of flower.  No matter how beautiful that one flower might be, it probably would not be as interesting as more flowers to enjoy, compare, and contrast.  Otherwise, I cannot fathom why abstract art is so attractive. My hope is to take you even momentarily to my art world where you can have some distraction and sanctuary from our crazy world.

As a scientist, I tried to answer one of my old questions à why do people enjoy looking at works of art or displaying them in their homes?  When we look at art, perhaps we get reminded of some event, scenery, or a piece of subconscious memory.  If the memory is desirable, we tend to like the art not only because we can relate to it but also because it is a familiar domain where we are at ease.  Understandably, no two people can have the same attraction toward the same abstract art since everyone’s experience is different and thus their taste. For that reason, if my abstraction can’t strike a chord, I can easily understand that too.

Looking at art is probably similar to hearing a familiar song or music. If desirable, we often like to hear it again and again to refresh the pleasant memory that we had with that particular song or music. I always thought if everywhere and everything were one color, probably we could not last long.  Maybe that is why light, color and contrast are delightful, since they help us to recognize our surroundings better and provide us with a sense of security and comfort.

Another question is why we appreciate abstract art today more than ever.  I think that part of the appeal of abstract art dates back to the industrial revolution.  Designing, sketching, and drawing un-natural tools required in various industries became a norm and part of a new human culture in the last 150 years or so.  It seems that as industry and technology have grown, the love for abstract art has grown as well.  Now that abstract art is part of our everyday life, I try to stay current in this peculiar yet interesting domain.  I hope you will enjoy my artwork and keep in touch.  Please do not hesitate to provide me with comments of what you think.